“Under God” Under Fire…..

Atheists are all agitated and upset about the inclusion of “so help me God”, and a prayer at President-Elect Obama’s inaugeration later this month.  I’m listening to Laura Ingraham‘s program and she is speaking with Michael Newdow, who has filed a lawsuit on behalf of atheists.

“We’re hoping to stop prayer and religious rituals at governmental functions, especially at the inauguration,” Don Barker, president of Freedom From Religion Foundation stated to FOX News.

Well, hmmmm…..So, do you think these folks are offended by the Declaration of Independence?  It mentions God a time or two.  They want so badly for this to be a secular country, they just can’t stand that it isn’t.  They ignore history, and the plain truth that this country was founded by believers in God, and the language of the Declaration of Independence reflects that.

People like Michael Newdow are tiresome to listen to.  He can’t answer the question, “how does this harm you?”  He can’t answer because there isn’t an answer.  It doesn’t harm him.  He just doesn’t like it.

More and more people are confusing “I don’t like it” with “that is offensive, or harmful to me.”  Not liking something is not the same thing as it being offensive to you.  We are beginning to use “offend” in all things, and are forgetting that sometimes we might just “dislike” it.  There are many things I don’t like, but I think I recognize the difference when something is truly offensive to me, and when I just don’t like it.

Michael Newdow is not offensive to me.  I don’t like listening to him, nor do I agree with his premise.  But he is not offensive to me because I just brush him off like a gnat, and go on about my day.  See the difference?  His beliefs are not mine, but his beliefs are not harmful to me.

My beliefs, and the beliefs of about 80% or more of the American people should not be offensive to him either.  My suggestion to him would be to find a new hobby, or take up gardening, and just ignore all those “offensive and harmful” references to God in our daily culture in this country.

How unfortunate for him, to be born in this country.  (sarcasm, for those of you who don’t know me)  The irony is, these atheists are safe and free to NOT believe as they wish, because of all the believers who founded, fought for, and built this country.

As I said, he and his statements are not offensive nor harmful to me.  But I’m watching.  Closely.  Just to make sure that these statements don’t start to take hold.  Then it will be harmful to me, and I will begin my own fight.  I suspect many of you will join in that fight to keep God in our language and our culture.

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12 responses to ““Under God” Under Fire…..

  1. I’m an atheist, and I find the lawsuit here to be stupid and a waste of time. Nonetheless, I will respond to one point.

    “So, do you think these folks are offended by the Declaration of Independence? It mentions God a time or two.”

    Sure it does. But the Declaration of Independence isn’t a document that deals with the laws or rule of this country.

    The Constitution, which does deal with those things, only mentions god in reference to the date and only references religion in keeping it out of the government.

  2. Morsecode,
    Thanks for coming by and for leaving a comment. You are right, of course, in that the Constitution does not mention God. It is not a religious document, nor intended to be.

    Your take is that it specifies keeping God “out of the government.” Mine is that is bars government interference in religion. No difference you might think, but in my mind, this doesn’t forbid the mentioning of God in government, just forbids the government from making a belief in God “mandatory.” For now, you and I will just agree to disagree.

    Believe me when I say, though, if ever there were to come a time when the government tried to force or require a belief in God among all citizens, I would fight that right alongside you.

    Thanks again.

  3. And if there ever came a time where the government tried to stop people from freely practicing their own religions, I would fight right alongside you.

    I think “bars government interference in religion” is incorrect, simply because sometimes the government can and should interfere, but only if a religion is doing something illegal.

    For example, if you started a religion tomorrow that said it was required that you kill your wife (for example), the government should definitely interfere. In my humble opinion.

  4. The Bill of Rights consists of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, added to protect the liberties of individuals and the states. In 1791 they became an official part of the Constitution. I quote Amendment 1: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
    I believe the laws and the people would agree that no religion is allowed to break the law and that if it desires to, perhaps its status as a religion should be re-examined. I think I remember a case a long while back of a religious group wanting to smoke something that was against the law. I don’t think it was allowed. Committing murder is a bit of an extreme example…but then, there is Islam, which certainly looks like it believes in this in some instances.
    Breaking the law is not included in the freedom of religion concept and I’m sure most, if not all, citizens would agree with that.

  5. Ooops, I guess I read that wrong…you guys were referring to the Declaration…I thought you mentioned Bill of Rights..oh well, it all spends…good post, pup. Isn’t Michael Newdow a lawyer? Some people need to make a name for themselves, some need to stir the pot, and some just like a good fuss….

  6. …and I love the part about how “How unfortunate for him, to be born in this country.” I say, if he doesn’t like the laws and the way our country is set up, he can move to another nation……
    As for me, I am extremely grateful I was born here. I often wonder how I got so blessed…I could have been born in one of the countries that have experienced world wars or genocide or the holocaust, but I was not.

  7. “Breaking the law is not included in the freedom of religion concept and I’m sure most, if not all, citizens would agree with that.”

    Thanks, Kathy, I couldn’t say it better than this.

    Hello again, Morsecode, glad you checked back. Religion isn’t, nor should it be, above the law, as long as the laws are constitutional. Murder is breaking not only man’s law, but God’s too, so no true religion should be allowed to practice illegal or immoral activities.

    I appreciate knowing that you and I would both stand together against governmental tyranny, despite our vastly different beliefs on this topic.

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  10. Hi Luanne, How’d you get on that other blog? Yea for you!
    I also want to comment on something….when someone reads the 1st amendment that says…Congress shall make no law…etc., etc., how in the world do they come up with “keeping religion out of government”? The first amendment is a law to/about restraining Congress alone, because they are the entity who makes the laws. There is no language “barring” religion in government, just language barring Congress from making laws respecting establishment and free exercise. And now we have government certainly imposing itself into the free exercise part, as well as sponsoring Islamic Sharia finance and courts. (Islam certainly seems to be getting “special” treatment.) With government now spreading its wings to move into more and more areas of our lives (such as the financial entities and automobile manufacturing and I’m sure there will be more), how long before the “nanny state” feels it must provide regulation of our religious practices “for” us? I read yesterday that the writings of C.S. Lewis are banned in Canada. Good grief!

  11. Wow…

    Thanks all. I have found a string of comments, both points of view, that I agree with.. mostly.

    I believe the Constitution doesn’t say keep religion out of government, and I also believe it doesn’t say that someone should be forced to practice a certain or any, religion.. That’s why it is called Freedom…

    Great post and comments. Thanks Pup!!!

  12. Kathy,
    Very well put, on the 1st A. In my opinion, you’re exactly right. Thanks for adding that.

    Email sent to you.

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