Arne Duncan, Your Junior High English Teacher Called….

Mr. Duncan, it’s “gave me”, not “gave I”.

I admit it.  I’m not exactly proud of it, but it’s just part of the way I am.

I am a grammar snob.

I blame my schoolteacher mother, several very good and particular English teachers from fourth grade on, and all that reading I did as a child.

Oh, I don’t mean that I’ll drop a friend because they misspeak, or even because they might habitually speak “grammatically incorrectly”.  I also won’t refuse to become friends with someone who uses poor or less-than-perfect grammar.

We all misspeak from time to time.  We all have learned some things incorrectly and find ourselves with a hard habit to break.

But, we aren’t going to be the next Secretary of Education.  Of the NATION!

I was ready to overlook it as a slip, but then I remembered that he was reading from notes.  So, he wrote it down that way?  Or someone else did, and he didn’t catch it?

I’m probably just overly tired tonight, which often makes me picky.  But is it too much to ask, that our big national head of the whole Education system in our country use correct grammar?  Maybe it’s part of all that change Obama campaigned on.



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8 responses to “Arne Duncan, Your Junior High English Teacher Called….

  1. Pup, you’re making my sides hurt…teehee! Somewhere I’ve read in a book…that the day will come…when right will be considered wrong…and wrong will be considered right…I think we’re there! I’m with you…I notice bad grammar and misspelling too…especially when it’s splashed across the tv screen!

  2. Glad it gave you a chuckle! And have you noticed how many reporters use bad grammar these days, too?

    And yes, I’ve read that somewhere too.

    Oh well. You know, I have a niece who’s homeschooling her three, and I find myself really hoping that more and more people will start to home school. That would go a long way toward getting things back to how they “should be”.

  3. As to this Arne guy, I read an article about the new “gay” school that is a pilot in Chicago and he is the big promoter of it. There’s goes our tax dollars again…for special interest schools.

  4. I read that too. That’s what’s so incongruent about the liberals–progressives, I mean, or as Bill O’Reilly calls them–secular progressives. It’s incongruent that they create a special school for a group of people, yet talk about diversity and inclusiveness all the time.

    Doesn’t make any sense.

  5. It reminds me of the time they had segregated schools in the south.

  6. Yes, it does. And if a Republican had suggested establishing a school for gay youth, it would have been treated as an outrage.

  7. Teresa

    I also noticed it right away. It’s very sad that the Education Secretary can’t properly speak his native language.

    By the way, I noticed this error in your article:

    Oh, I don’t mean that I’ll drop a friend because they misspeak, or even because they might habitually speak “grammatically incorrectly”.

    The period should ALWAYS be placed inside the quotation marks. Conservativepup made the same mistake in his/her comment.

  8. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for visiting and for the comment. And thank you too, for the punctuation lesson. I confess that I double-checked your information with The Blue Book of Grammar, and you are absolutely correct, and I appreciate you letting me know this.

    Fortunately for the nation, I’m not up for Secretary of Education.

    Please come back by and please comment anytime.
    Thanks again.


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