A Soldier’s Sacrifice…..

[This morning I posted this on another group I recently joined, and wanted to share it here as well.]

“I would like to introduce my dear friend to all of you. Her name is Linda, and she joined our group here about a week ago. She is a strong Christian woman, with solid conservative values. Linda has a wonderful sense of humor, and she and I have spent many an evening sitting around the supper table, laughing until we couldn’t speak.

A steadfast friend, an unfailing Christian, she is someone I would want “in my foxhole”.

Linda and her husband raised their family up on a ranch in North Dakota. She and her family are truly made of the stuff our pioneering ancestors relied upon to forge into new country, break ground, plant, harvest, and carve out a life for themselves in a rugged wilderness. She is a self-reliant, responsible, kind, and generous individual, and almost a year ago, she and her family made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Linda’s son, Carlo Meth, was killed in a parachute accident January 16, 2008. Carlo, a Special Forces (Green Beret) Sgt. 1st Class, sacrificed himself to save another jumper when their chutes became entangled during a training jump at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was 35 years old. He had been back in the States only ten days when the accident happened.

Carlo was born in Columbia and was adopted by Linda and her husband when he was five years old. He was raised in their loving family and in the church, and enlisted in the Army after graduating high school. He earned the coveted Green Beret in 2005, and served in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Africa. He earned numerous awards and commendations and was proud to serve his country.

Carlo and his family have paid the highest price possible for me to have the freedom to say and write what I think, without fear of being hauled off to prison. I treasure that freedom every day and am thankful beyond words for that freedom, and all the sacrifices made to retain it.

Please join me in welcoming Linda to our group. She is the very embodiment of the bedrock values we seek to sustain and return to, and I am grateful and proud to have her as a friend.

And I will never forget the sacrifice that Carlo made, and will honor that by doing what I can to protect and keep liberty alive.”

God bless my friend and her wonderful family, and help the rest of us be deserving of such sacrifice.



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2 responses to “A Soldier’s Sacrifice…..

  1. Wonderful post, pup. It is the sacrifices of people like this young man that are the foundation of freedom in this nation. I often wonder if I was called upon to this kind of sacrifice, if I could actually do it, or would I chicken out?

  2. Thanks. I know what you mean, too, in wondering if I could have that kind of courage. We’d all like to think we would, but it’s so hard to think about.

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