Dead Batteries and Flat Tires……

Well I’ve been away from here much longer than I intended. Farm life is just full of constant surprises. And it seems that for some reason, even after 50-someodd years of living on this planet, I can’t seem to remember that winter follows fall. I seem to find myself each year about this time suddenly rushing around winterizing outside faucets, putting away hoses, stocking up on feed for the goats, and countless other little chores.

Which is all bad enough, but then there’s all the small engines. A farm usually has several to many devices that run on gas or diesel.  Lots of little engines to prepare for storage, or else, you’ll have nothing start in the spring.

So I’ve encountered four dead batteries and two flat tires on various machines designed to make life easier. It’s never a simple fix either. Tires have to removed and taken down to the local tire fix-it shop. And, as I mentioned above, since I wait until it’s already cold to begin my preps, I have the unmatched pleasure of working in thirty degrees with a wind chill of something in the teens. The biggest problem is that my eyes won’t stop watering long enough to see anything.

I could try goggles, I suppose.

So, that’s where I’ve been lately, recharging, removing, replacing, repositioning. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It would be nice though, just once, to do all these things while the temps are still in the fifties.

Maybe next year.



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4 responses to “Dead Batteries and Flat Tires……

  1. Perhaps some of us can send you a reminder in October!!

  2. That would be great! Honestly, it is one of my biggest frustrations with myself.

    I’ll remind you next September to remind me next October to get ready for winter!

  3. I’ve been a city gal most of my life… we moved to a rural area in ’03, and this is the first year I actually did ‘winterizing’ tasks before the snow hit! But there is no ‘farm’ equipment to deal with, just cars, hoses, etc. Next year, I plan to start a garden journal, tracking things I do to remember when to do other things… I’ll try to put a note down to send a reminder, long about the middle of September…
    Happy winter!

    P.S. I just passed on your blog to my hubby… he needs to know there are others who share our views, politically speaking!

  4. Hi Judy!
    Thanks for coming by and thanks for the comment! I would LOVE for you to remind me next year! 🙂

    I’m glad for you to pass this on to your hubby, and let him know that there are MANY of us who share these views. I am finding more and more folks every day, and am very thankful for that.

    Thanks again. Come by again, and do please comment anytime.

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