A Young American Hero….

Disheartened by the election, I had been feeling pretty low about the path our country was on, and the gloomy and radically different future that I feared lay in store for us.  I started this blog to vent my own frustrations and opinions and in so doing, found many other people who did the exact same thing.  I felt encouraged by that.

I want to tell you about another great young American, whom I just read about today.  Lila Rose is a pro-life activist student at UCLA, and her work at exposing Planned Parenthood abuses of policy and the law, is outstanding.  She has a passion for investigating the abortion industry and has gained national attention for her undercover videos of Planned Parenthood staffers breaking organization policies, and in some cases, federal law.

She founded Live Action, a youth-led organization, at the age of fifteen.  Live Action, started in San Jose, has grown to include chapters at UCLA and Claremont McKenna College.  Live Action San Jose has reached thousands of young people with the presentation “The Truth About Abortion”.

During her freshman year at UCLA she founded a quarterly student magazine The Advocate, and in conjunction with her Live Action Films, continues to spread a pro-life message.

This is a courageous, smart, and innovative young woman who is using her talents to expose liars, corruption, and lawbreakers in an effort to protect the unborn children of this country.

I urge you to take a few moments to read more about her.  Tell others about her and her work, and let’s do what we can to support her efforts by making others aware of her organization and her videos.

I salute her and her partners in this noble fight.



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7 responses to “A Young American Hero….

  1. Hi pup, I was listening to Laura Ingraham this a.m. and they had something on there about an “infiltration” of an abortion clinic where the girl was 15 pregnant by a 30 year old and the worker said “Don’t tell me how old you are”. I guess that is because they would have to report the statutory rape. This was caught on tape. I don’t know if it was this same girl or not…I didn’t catch a name. It is certainly interesting what is going on behind the scenes…I remember the taping of callers who asked to make a donation and specified it to go for African American babies. The PP workers had no problem with that. The African American community should be in an uproar over that. I believe the founder of PP was one Margaret Sanger whose mission was to diminish the black race, if I have my facts correct. It’s been a long time since I have read anything about her.

  2. I missed some of Laura this morning, but that sounds like the same story I saw on Michelle Malkin’s site this morning. The woman, Lila Rose, posed as a 13 (?) year old pregnant woman, who didn’t want to get the “31 year-old man in trouble”, and it was all caught on tape. I watched the video and it is awful. The nurse who said she didn’t want to know the age of the man, has since been suspended.

    And I too remember the story back what, a year or so, about the specifying of donations to go for African Americans. I was outraged, and didn’t understand why there wasn’t more made of that.

    That’s interesting too, about Margaret Sanger; I’ll have to look that up.

  3. Sad but great link. I know what Margaret Sanger desired because I have read her writings. I will look and see if I can find a link for you-you will be disgusted.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, I’ll watch for that.

    There’s so much I don’t get, about things that SHOULD outrage others, but don’t.

  5. Hi Pup,
    Here’s the link, be forewarned you will be very angry and then perhaps will write much about abortion as I have. I usually write about abortion on my other blog…penofjen.blogspot.com

  6. ~too much on my mind so forgive me if you have two comments giving you the link that I forgot;)

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