Choice For Me, But Not For Thee….

Do liberals believe that they should not be forced to participate in actions that are against their own moral code?

I feel sure that any person, no matter their own personal political leaning, religious beliefs, philosophical ideals, or taste in music, would agree that no one should be forced to take part in something that they find morally objectionable.  I would almost put money on that.

But, I could be wrong.  Apparently, I am.  Watching the Nation has a great post this morning about the struggle between President Bush and the left, including Hillary and others, over regulations protecting doctors and nurses who don’t wish to participate in abortions.  In a word, NOOOO!!!, screams the left.  No, doctors and nurses certainly can not have that protection.  Why, what a setback that would be for women’s healthcare.  WtN’s post is so good, I can’t add anything more.  Read it, it’s important information, and information is power.



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4 responses to “Choice For Me, But Not For Thee….

  1. I LOVE your title on this….wish I’d have thought of it!!! Your point is a great one.

  2. Thanks Kathy for those kind words. Your article is what’s great, and I hope lots of people read it.

  3. christy

    I love the fact that you mention the Bush administration protecting those doctors. I’m sorry, but in my opinion, if the doctor signed up for the job, they should not be granted immunity due to their beliefs. They should have known when they signed up for the job that they were getting themselves into a situation such as that.

  4. I have a little experience with this, as I’ve practiced as a registered nurse for 32 years, and while I understand your sentiment, and even share it in some other situations, I must disagree with you in this case.

    Doctors in private practice would, of course, have control over their practice and what they would agree to do. But in teaching hospitals, and there are many, many of them in this country, doctors who are on staff are 1) attending physicians supervising the care of patients; 2) professors/teachers teaching the residents; 3) involved in research when not on duty in their units. They must rotate coverage of units, and those who abhor abortion are in a complicated spot.

    I guess you could say that they just shouldn’t practice at teaching hospitals, but then residents, there to learn how to be a good doctor after graduating from medical school, would not have the opportunity to learn under some very qualified, compassionate, and morally strong teachers.

    As a nurse working at a large university teaching hospital I don’t work in an area which would ever perform abortions. My conscious choice. But, as an employee, I can be mandated to “float” to another area anytime management thinks it necessary. I would want to be “protected” from recrimination if I had to refuse to participate in abortion procedures.

    I do thank you for your comment, and for visiting my blog. Please come back, and comment anytime.

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