Conservative Bloggers, Step Up!

Walter Alarkon, of The Hill, has written a piece I thought was important to pass on.  He talks about the role that the “rightosphere” will play in the coming months and years in reshaping the Republican party.

But this group of pundits is not content just to sit on the sidelines, like traditional media. Bloggers see themselves as advocates who want to take their party in a certain direction.

I am not for one minute suggesting that my little blog is going to make big differences, but I am willing and happy to do my part by sharing and pointing to good articles that others have written, in an effort to spread the word.  After the election I started this blog out of a sense of “I’ve got to do something“.  Something  to try to inform even a few of the uninformed and misinformed decent folks out there who just haven’t been paying close enough attention to the morphing of the Democratic party into the far-left-might-as-well-call-themselves-Socialists group they’ve become.

So this is my pledge.  When I can contribute something of my own I will.  When I can’t, I’ll share the words of others more eloquent than I, and if even one person happens to read something here that opens their eyes, then I will have done my part.

Conservative bloggers all, get blogging!



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2 responses to “Conservative Bloggers, Step Up!

  1. rightwingdog

    This is a great post.
    It exemplifies exactly how I feel about what I do on my blog.
    Sometimes it is like fighting Don Quixote’s windmills but you have to keep on the FIGHT for the RIGHT!


  2. Thank you, Right Wing Dog, for visiting and for the comment. Appreciate it.

    I’m so glad to find others who, like me, have this sense of “need to do something”. I truly believe that all of our efforts, no matter how big or small, combined will make a difference.

    Thanks again. Comment anytime!

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