Socialism 101….

I am not a student of socialism, and socialistic theories.  I might be wrong about all I’m going to say here today, but it’s my blog and these are just my thoughts.  I don’t claim to be a true reference for those seeking a thorough researching of the topic.

I like having private property, that I earned through my own hard work.  I like knowing that my own success is limited ONLY by my own efforts, or lack thereof.  I like knowing that if I decide to pursue a new endeavor to make more money, that any failure of the enterprise is on my shoulders, and any rewards are mine.

I’m not a selfish person, and have always thought that one of the best things about winning the lottery would be finally having the means to help other people, causes, and organizations with more than twenty-five dollars here and there.

I believe that the fruits I harvest from my own hard work should belong to me.  I believe that I should have the choice of whom to share my fruits with, and whether to share them at all.  

I believe that if I own a farm or a ranch that I shouldn’t need to concern myself about whether my government will decide that I “don’t need that much land when there are others who also need some land”.

I want to be in charge of my own success and failure; I want to learn from my failures so that I might enjoy more success.  The American dream is to me, and to many many others who have risked their lives to get here, very real and unique.  I can be as successful as I’m willing to work hard.

We have many examples is our society of people who were born into poverty, into slums, into inner cities, who have become successful in every way.  Those who say that there isn’t equal opportunity in this country are misinformed and uninformed.  Not saying that it’s easy, but it is available to all.  

But the catch is, you have to work real hard.  And, you have your liberty all along the way.

Socialism is incompatible with liberty.



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4 responses to “Socialism 101….

  1. To this…I say a big, fat, free market amen. Did you know that my husband and I give a higher percentage of our GROSS income (that means it’s an even higher percentage of net) to charity than the Obama family? (And we are very low middle class) I will have to try to find that chart of his giving (rustling of papers)…it’s somewhere around here…(more rustling of papers)

  2. Thanks Kathy, for the comment and the link. I love The American Thinker.

    I guess the liberals believe they have to mandate “giving” by increasing taxes because it doesn’t occur to them to just give charitably of their own accord. Like the rest of us do.

    Thanks again.

  3. I made my comment above before I clicked over to read the link in American Thinker. I didn’t intentionally “copy” the last thought in that article in my comment. Then I read the article and the last line was similar to what I said. Guess that’s because it’s the obvious truth.


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