Sarah Palin, we won’t forget ye….

When John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to all the rest of us, the conservative base began to stir from its disappointment-induced apathy.  Like a match to dry kindling, we caught on fire.  For finally, after a long time it seemed, here was someone who was actually enthusiastically speaking the words we wanted to hear.  Fiery, passionate, with conviction and no apologies, she embodied what we had been so hoping to see come on the political scene.  

Someone to root for.  Someone to be excited about supporting.  

That’s how I felt, anyway.  I know for a fact that this is how many tens of thousands felt too.

She is not deserving of the tacky, classless treatment she has received; not deserving of it, but able to handle it.  I have no doubts that “Barracuda” lets these ugly verbal attacks just bounce off.  I also have no doubt that we will be seeing her again.

Here’s an interesting project started by the folks over at RedState.  I found this day before yesterday and wanted to share it here for anyone who hasn’t heard about this.  

God bless America.



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin, we won’t forget ye….

  1. Kim

    Well, I am one of “those liberals,” and I am a member of the media, to boot. Yet I too am angry about how Gov. Sarah Palin was treated by “rogue” members of her own campaign. Having lived in D.C. and reported there for a number of years, I know how those political types – either party – can be. At risk of making a blanket statement, my observation is that many of those people are arrogant, self-absorbed people who look down their nose at….hmmm….most everybody. I believe CNN should not allow people to be quoted who are too chicken to give their name. At the newspaper I work at now, the policy is we do not ever quote unnamed sources. It stinks at times because there are things the public should know about but we can’t get it out there because nobody goes on record. But to ensure somebody’s not just makin’ stuff up, people should be required to give their names before making charges and accusations against someone else. Anyway, I don’t mean to rant. I like Sarah Palin, although I don’t agree with many of the things she believes. But this is America. We are free to disagree, which is how it should be. God bless America! Hey, and Pup….love ya!

  2. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for the visit and the comment. The policy of the paper you work for sounds responsible and that’s what I’ve always believed that journalism is all about. I do know that there are many responsible journalists and I applaud you and thank you for being one of them.

    Thanks again, sorry we don’t see “eye2eye” on politics but that’s OK!

    Love ya too,

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